About Us

About Responsive Dealer Sales

Our Core Beliefs

Accountability = Taking Responsibility

At Responsive Dealer Sales, we view success as more than a target; we see it as a commitment. Recognizing that true progress is contingent upon owning the outcomes we create, we embrace accountability at every step. It's our firm belief that the path to growth is paved with a dedication to the results of our endeavors, ensuring constant improvement and excellence.

Integrity = Prioritizing Honesty at All Costs

At Responsive Dealer Sales, we steadfastly adhere to the principle that integrity shapes our core. Our commitment to unwavering honesty, both in plain sight and behind the scenes, is a testament to our ethical practices. We firmly believe that a robust foundation of integrity is crucial to cultivating sustainable success and building trust in every interaction.

Intentionality = Do Everything With A Purpose

At Responsive Dealer Sales, every action is steeped in purpose, aligning closely with our overarching objectives. Our commitment to intentionality is unwavering, ensuring that every move we make is strategically aligned with our core vision and values. By infusing intentionality into our daily routines and long-term goals, we create a cohesive and focused journey towards success.

Transparency = No Secrets Lurking Beneath Our Successes

In our pursuit of excellence at Responsive Dealer Sales, transparency is paramount. Our clients are always in the loop, not just about the 'what' but also the 'why' behind our actions. We are firm believers that success is rooted in clear, open communication, ensuring that every step we take is understood and aligned with our clients' needs and expectations.

Welcome To The Team

Welcome to Responsive Dealer Sales, where we seamlessly integrate with your business, becoming a vital part of your team. Consider us your personal in-house marketing experts, dedicated to easing your workload. With our robust support, your store’s needs are not just met, they’re anticipated and proficiently handled.

Our Founder

Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis, the visionary behind Responsive Dealer Sales, transformed his profound dealership marketing expertise into a thriving reality. Boasting over 17 years in the automotive industry, Kevin’s journey encompasses managing diverse marketing budgets, ranging from modest to substantial monthly expenditures. His deep understanding of dealership dynamics and commitment to driving dealer success are rooted in his 20+ years of web programming and development experience, culminating in a unique, dealership-centric strategy unparalleled by standard website providers or marketing agencies.

About Us

Kevin’s illustrious career in the automotive sector spans several decades. He notably excelled for over 13 years as the Marketing and Operations Director at various Colorado dealerships under Serra Automotive, covering Chevrolet, Honda, and VW brands. Additionally, his four-year tenure as the Marketing and Operations Director for Solon Automotive in Colorado, overseeing Kia, Mazda, Subaru, and Nissan franchises, further cemented his expertise. His nearly three-year involvement with Mike Maroone’s organization enriched his skills in marketing, operations, and data analytics.

Throughout his tenure in the industry, Kevin has amassed an extensive knowledge base in dealership operations. This includes expertise in BDC management, CRM and DMS programming, sales training, Co-Op management, vendor relations, data analytics, and optimizing marketing budgets. His dual prowess in web development and dealership marketing positions him as a leading strategist in the field.

Under Kevin’s guidance, Responsive Dealer Sales stands as a dynamic force for dealerships nationwide. Our mission is to revolutionize dealership websites and marketing strategies, offering more effective, affordable solutions. We pride ourselves on crafting bespoke websites and marketing plans tailored to each dealership’s unique needs.

Step away from the mundane and embrace a tailored automotive website and marketing strategy with Responsive Dealer Sales. Elevate your dealership’s potential with our specialized, industry-focused expertise.